Travel Photography

“Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.” Works for me!

When I first journeyed to Europe way back in 1973, I wrote non-stop in my journal. That journal was then replaced by a big, bulky 35mm camera, that by a digital SLR, and that by an iPhone with extraordinary capabilities. So now instead of writing, I first consider the image that best describes the moment and the culture around me, and then I take it. And I talk to as many people as I can to dispel the notion that tourists are bores, especially American tourists.


Doors and doorways have always fascinated me. Being symbols of transition from one space to another, they can represent so many things and have been used as such in many books and films. For me, the craftsmanship can also be part of the story.

Regarding doors, why, for example, are there so many steel bolts in old, Renaissance doors in Italy? (Door Studs were first used on external doors and gates as protection from the swords and axes of an enemy attack.) Were doors small because the people were small or because wood was precious? (Wood was precious and people were often shorter.) The main thing about doors is they separate you from what’s on the other side. Each one holds a mystery that your imagination can solve in part by applying its external appearance as a guide to what may lie behind.


My first copy of Photoshop came to me as a beta program on an 800k floppy disk that still had room for files. It had a little “Footman” icon and worked only in grayscale without layers or channels. But even with this first iteration, I discovered it had so many amazing capabilities that I was able to use it to make newspaper art quickly and profitably.

Of course, things with Photoshop only got better. When Kodak offered courses at their Center for Creative Imaging in Camden, Maine, with industry masters, I signed up for classes with both David Biedney and Bert Monroy. With them, I learned skills I have taught my students and still use every day. I use Photoshop to some extent in many of my images for color adjustments and curves, but some warrant special classification as entirely created with Photoshop.