About Bob

My first President was Harry Truman. When Eisenhower took over after winning the war against fascism, things were looking pretty good for Americans like me born in the 50’s. My first dentist was Dr. Deane Miller, Glenn Miller’s brother. The economy was booming for most people, though not so much for my family.

My best childhood years were spent in Gardena, California where I would go to the Kennedy campaign headquarters and grab as many JFK buttons and PT109 flags as they would give me. Just as I was learning to use my wits properly, lots of crazy things started happening. Southern bigots got together and murdered President Kennedy in broad daylight while I was in Ms. Towell’s math class. Thank heavens The Beatles arrived on the scene shortly afterwards to take our minds off of things. But those bigots got together again a few years later and murdered Martin Luther King who was inspiring pretty much everyone in the country and around the world to be better versions of themselves. When Bobby Kennedy gave his address about the loss of MLK to the world, he didn’t know he was next. When his time came a couple of months later, I was shattered; I decided to give up on the world of “adults” and started looking for my own way through things that lead me to making art, teaching, and learning all about design and typography.

Like everyone, I’ve suffered tragedies and misfortunes, but in my case, they’ve been balanced by the magnificence I’ve witnessed:

I’ve stood eye-to-ankle with Michelangelo’s David; been alone in rooms with Leonardo’s and Botticelli’s; saw the Sistine before and after it was cleaned; touched Michelangelo’s Moses’ knee before it was moved to a safe place; I saw Michelangelo’s Pieta before she was hammered by a lunatic and placed behind bomb-proof glass; I’ve swam in three oceans; climbed the Duomo twice; witnessed Stonehenge in the early morning light, experienced life in major cities around the world; had coveys of quail run to me for snacks; I’ve felt the awesome power of thousands of Sandhill cranes fly just feet over my head; I’m buddies with a female Cardinal who greets me at the door before snack time; I have amazing friends from whom I learn incredible things; own an architect’s home in the high mountain desert; and I have finally and forever found the love of my life — Lori.

I can’t imagine life being any better.

Process Journal

I learned a long time ago that when you make art or create a design for something, it’s really never about the thing you end up with. It’s about the process of making things because it is in that process where you learn and it is in that process that you live during the making of the thing. The thing itself is just that; it can be enjoyed, it can be bought and sold, it can be destroyed – but the process and all things that come from it are yours forever.