Fine Art

Colored Pencil

I have found that using clay-based, not wax based, colored pencil is my favorite medium. It allows me to be exacting in the details required in hyper-realistic art. Like hard pastels, they can be blended for softer tones and gradients. They are light-fast, permanent, and fun to use on fine paper.

Graphite & Duochrome

There is nothing quite like well made graphite pencils on really fine, archival paper. Using the varying hardnesses and blending base layers, you can create images of great depth.


Perhaps the most significant challenge a pencil artist and printmaker can face is working in three dimensions. Just when you have a thing looking great from one angle, seeing it from another angle shows you just how far you have to go. The reward is that solving these problems informs everything else you do.

Other Media

There are so many ways to make art and you really need to try them all. Even if you will never be the master of them, each one teaches you about your abilities and often opens new avenues of expression.